Switching Phones

Up until a few days ago, I was using an LG G4 as my day to day phone. At firt it was fine for browsing social media and playing some games. However, soon after it started having some problems. At first, the fast charging feature stopped working properly, even with new cables and a different AC adaptor. Later on, it also stopped being recognized by my computer in both Windows and Linux.
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Moving to Hugo

For a while now I’ve been wanting to move my blog from Ghost over to something that is statically generated. But now that I’ve been locked out of my blog server for some odd reason, I’ve decided this is a good opportunity to give a static site generator a shot. Some of the options I’ve contemplated include Pelican, Jekyll, Hexo, and Hugo, all of which I’ve had experience with to some degree.
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A somewhat brief review of Pleroma

Today I decided to randomly start actually using a Pleroma account for real just so that I could see the state of the project. If you’re not familiar, Pleroma is a micrblogging software occupying the same niche as Mastodon and GNU Social: creating a federated microblogging network. Here’s a humourous video if you aren’t already familiar with federation. Anyhow, how well does Pleroma work for what it’s supposed to do?
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Whether it’s deciding on a topic you want to blog or coming up with your next coding project, it often requires some sort of kick to start it off. Usually this kick comes in the form of some sort of inspiration or some sort of idea. Lately, I haven’t gotten a single source of inspiration or idea that is enough to carry me through a project. Don’t get me wrong, I have done a few things outside of school and daily life stuff here and there.
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Making LibreOffice look good with Breeze Dark

LibreOffice is one of the program suites that I often use for assignments and taking lecture notes. However, it looks pretty bad on KDE, especially with the Breeze Dark theme. Let’s fix that. In LibreOffice Writer, go to Tools > Options. Click on Views on the sidebar. Select “Breeze dark” for the icon style and click OK. Now those icons are actually visible for once.

The Blog is Back

After 6 months, I’ve finally gotten around to setting this blog back up. I’ve decided to go back to using Ghost, but this time going through the whole setup process by myself instead of having it preconfigured. It was somewhat of a pain to install, but I finally got it working, which is what matters. Now why did I use Ghost instead of WordPress or some sort of static site generator?
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