The Blog is Back

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After 6 months, I’ve finally gotten around to setting this blog back up. I’ve decided to go back to using Ghost, but this time going through the whole setup process by myself instead of having it preconfigured. It was somewhat of a pain to install, but I finally got it working, which is what matters.

Now why did I use Ghost instead of WordPress or some sort of static site generator? Well, WordPress is kinda known to not be the most secure thing for blogging, and it’s also a PHP app. As for a static site generator, I do want to have the ability to create and edit posts on a mobile device, which is impractical with such a setup. Ghost does bridge the ease of use of the former with the simple and focused nature of a static site gen. Plus since Ghost uses Markdown, it’s simple enough to convert to one anyways.

Anyhow, expect to see more content from here now that I have a place to write thoughts longer than what can be expressed in 500 characters. In the meantime, you can checkout my profile for more frequent thoughts.