I've had enough of YouTube

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Over the years I've become more annoyed and unsatisfied with YouTube. It just isn't the kind of place that gives me the joy and entertainment I was able to get before.

What once was a platform to share moments and home videos has become a place full of career videomakers. This isn't to say that making money from videos is inherently bad, but it has removed the kind of homegrown feeling that the YouTube of 2010 and earlier had.

My other big gripe are the constant changes to the UI that end up benefiting almost no one. It seems to have a problem with recommending content that I like and ends up giving me what I consider garbage. If Google is supposedly good at collecting my data how do they still mess up on this? Also I really, really, positively hate autoplay. Sure I can use the switch but I really wish this was opt in and not opt out, since I would have to configure this every time I reinstalled my OS and it does get in the way of presentations.

I've really had enough of YouTube. The glory days are over. We need to start from scratch.