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First impressions of the Winter 2017 season

misc anime

Seeing that this semester is pretty light this time around (unlike in the fall), I've decided to get back into anime this time around. Since I also have this blog, it's a good opportunity to let out my thoughts on the anime of this season (or at least what I'm …


A Year with Linux

misc linux gnu

It's been a year since I've started using Linux as my main operating system. I remember a time when I thought I couldn't use a PC without Windows, but now I can honestly say I don't miss it at all. Why? I mostly switched out of curiosity. I've used Linux …


I've had enough of YouTube

misc YouTube Internet

Over the years I've become more annoyed and unsatisfied with YouTube. It just isn't the kind of place that gives me the joy and entertainment I was able to get before. What once was a platform to share moments and home videos has become a place full of career videomakers …


I'm back.


Yup, finally gotten around to remaking this blog. This time I'm using a piece of software called Ghost, which appears to be a self-hostable alternative to Medium (not that I hate it, but I like hosting my own stuff). Don't expect much to be posted here though, so I suggest …