So earlier this week I accidentally spilled some water on my HP Spectre 13 ultrabook. This meant I had to disassemble the laptop to be able to effectively dry it out. Dissassembly didn’t take too long (as I had done it a few times before at this point - more on that), but reassembling it was a completely different story. For whatever reason the battery decided not to fit in properly, so I tried to reseat it a few times, which led to the screw mounts breaking and eventually the battery connector on the motherboard ripped off. Having had enough with the laptop, I decided it was high time to get a new one.

You see, this isn’t the first time I had to deal with this darn thing. Only a few months in, the touchscreen started experiencing “ghost taps” which meant doing general work as well as presentations became really annoying. Doesn’t help that there’s no easy way to disable the touchscreen though the OS (on both Windows and Linux). Not long after, the battery decided to stop working all of a sudden, which meant having to disassemble the laptop to replace it. Other things like the fragile hinge and the large touchpad with bad palm detection really didn’t help.

The incident from earlier this week was the final straw for me, so the laptop is currently in parts waiting to be collected next week for disposal on garbage day.

Not having a laptop is pretty annoying though as a university student, so I’ve started to look around for a replacement for it. I’ve been pretty interested in Thinkpads for a while now, so naturally I’ve been searching through eBay to find a good deal on an older-generation Thinkpad that would serve my needs. Currently I’ve been looking in the T430-450 range as well as their X-series counterparts. I’m open to other options should those come by.

Hopefully I should be able to find something that can serve the functions that the Spectre 13 did, but not break down as easily. In the meantime, I’ve now gotta deal with having no laptop to do work in school with.