First impressions of the Winter 2017 season

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Seeing that this semester is pretty light this time around (unlike in the fall), I've decided to get back into anime this time around. Since I also have this blog, it's a good opportunity to let out my thoughts on the anime of this season (or at least what I'm watching).

Konosuba S2

konosuba poster

From Wikipedia:

The series follows a boy who is sent to a fantasy world following his death, forming a dysfunctional party with a goddess, a magician, and a crusader to fight against monsters.

Now that sounds pretty depressing, but I assure you it's quite the opposite.

I was a fan of the first season, being that it was adventure and comedy well done. A lot of it was due to the interesting cast; having a chuunibyou wizard, a masochistic crusader, and an airheaded goddess makes for a fun time. Nothing much has changed on that front this season so far, though we do get a new quirky character which is a good thing.

Gintama 2017

gintama 2017 poster

Gintama has got to be one of my favourite series of all time. It's a nice blend of comedy, drama, and action. A lot of anime seem to mess up on juggling all three, but Gintama manages to pull it off quite impressively.

Even though I've read the manga prior to this season's airing, I'm still excited to see this arc in action.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

maid dragon

This is the only non-sequel anime I'm watching this season, but I'm fine since I don't watch a whole lot anyways. It's mostly slice of life in comparison to the other two which provides some relief from the action heavy stuff from Gintama and the absolute hilarity from Konosuba.

Being that I haven't encountered this series before, I was impressed with the first two episodes. As someone who isn't a big slice of life junkie, I thought it was pretty decent.


I'm not making a definitive conclusion for these three shows since I'm only two episodes in each, but I feel this is a nice collection to follow. I'm likely to continue watching them until they're over, seeing as there's nothing that repulses me.

Not mentioned here was Tales of Zestria the X, but I need to catch up on it and it's essentially 1 long season split in two (not unusual for Ufotable shows), so I'll probably write a more longer review of it once I'm done with it (and have time).